About us

Laboratorios KIN is based in Barcelona, Spain. We have been researching and creating quality dental health products since 1964. Our hard work and passion allow us to fulfill the commitment we made to professionals and consumers in the mid-20th century. With each generation, we strive to bring more smiles by offering effective solutions for oral care needs.

In 1970, we introduced the first fluoride mouthwash called FluorKIN Anticaries. Since then, our team has continuously developed innovative products and secured groundbreaking patents.

When you visit your trusted pharmacy, you can be confident that you'll find specific and effective solutions for your oral health needs from Laboratorios KIN. Our long history is filled with numerous achievements that explain our success.

Today, KIN is a well-established brand that expanded internationally in 2002 with its first subsidiary in Portugal. Over the years, we opened subsidiaries in Central America and Brazil.

Our research team's talent and creativity have made us pioneers in dental health innovation and development. We have been granted eight national and international patents and various utility models, providing objective improvements in oral pathology treatment, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and professional tooth whitening.

Laboratorios KIN offers a range of differentiated, effective, and safe products highly appreciated by dental professionals and consumers alike. Our philosophy, values, and products are shared in over 60 countries, where we raise awareness and educate families about the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Encouraged by the trust of dental professionals and consumers, we are excited to take on new challenges and initiatives to continue making the world smile. We look forward to being by your side for many more years.